Most blood lab testing ordered through the BLT System must be done at a LabCorp facility.  LabCorp is one of the largest labs in the country (United States) and there are over 1000 locations around the country.  LabCorp is also creating "LabCorp at Walgreens" to offer even more locations to provide your samples for testing.

Here is a link to the LabCorp website to search for the location closest to you:

Be sure to select "Routine Labwork" in your search to find the right location.

LabCorp testing is NOT available in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island due to the restrictive laws they have in those states.

For specialty labs such as Genova Diagnostics, ZRT Labs and Doctor's Data you do NOT go to LabCorp.  You will receive these as test kits shipped directly from the lab to your home address.