Welcome to the BLT System lab test ordering website!

This page will give you a good summary of the process when ordering lab testing through the BLT System website so we encourage you to read everything on this page and also read through the FAQ page as these two pages will likely answer most of your questions.  If you have additional questions please send us an email at [email protected] .

This service was established in 2015 to help health providers, patients, and general people in the community save money (often significant money) on the cost of lab testing.  In many cases you will find when ordering lab testing with the BLT System website you can save 50% - 90% on the cost of lab testing compared to doing that same testing through your medical clinic or medical provider or many other websites!  In exchange for offering these lab tests at a big discount we charge a small Processing Fee of $5 or $10 or $15 or $20 (based on the total amount of your order but never more than $20), and the structure of that Process Fee is described below.

Please note that not all Healthcare Savings (HSA) cards will work when ordering testing though the BLT System.  If your HSA card will not work you will need to use a debit/credit card to place your order and then print or download your receipt from your BLT System account to submit to your HSA for reimbursement.  You can read more information on how to do this from our FAQ page at this linkhttps://bltsystem-orderlabtesting.com/faq.html

First some important bits of information:

  • By using this website you agree to the Terms of Use.
  • Every user will be required to create a user account prior to ordering lab testing.  The same user account can be used to order for multiple family members or group members within a single account - so you do not need to create a new user account for each person in your family or group. 
  • If you are a licensed healthcare provider who is legally able to order lab testing in your state we are currently NOT able to support you and create an account under your name and NPI number due to state/federal laws.  If you - as a licensed healthcare provider who can order lab testing under your state license - are ordering lab testing for your patients you will need to find another resource for ordering lab testing using a lab account with your own NPI number.  If you wish, you can refer your patient/client to the BLT System lab ordering website for them to order their own lab testing in the allowed states.
  • For non-licensed healthcare providers, or providers who's license does not allow them to order lab testing, it is recommended you simply refer your patient to the BLT System lab ordering website for them to order their own testing in the allowed states.
  • Most of the blood lab testing is completed through one of the largest laboratory companies in the United States called LabCorp.  They have over 1000 locations across the US, and they are also creating "LabCorp at Walgreens" to offer additional locations.
  • This service is NOT available in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island due to restrictive laws in those states.
  • There are no LabCorp facilities in the state of Hawaii.  You can order lab testing while in the state of Hawaii, but you would need to provide your samples at a LabCorp facility when traveling to the continental United States.  Again, this service is NOT available in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island due to restrictive laws in those states.
  • This service IS available in all other states of the United States - including Alaska and Puerto Rico.
  • You do NOT need any type of doctor's orders for you to place an order for lab testing through the BLT System.  All lab orders will go through with a licensed provider who is able to order lab testing in your state.
  • You CANNOT have more than one person listed on a lab order you submit through the BLT System.  Only one person can be listed on a lab order submission.  If more than one person is listed on your order it will be rejected and you will have to redo your lab order as a separate order for each person.
  • When ordering lab testing please allow up to 1 business day for your order to properly process in the LabCorp computer system.  When everything is ready you will then receive via secure email a link to download your lab requisition.  We recommend you take a printed copy of your lab requisition with you to your blood draw appointment to make sure things go smoothly.
  • We send all lab requisitions (lab orders) and lab results as soon as they are ready via a secure and HIPAA compliant email and document download service called "EnGuard".  If it's your first time receiving an email from BLT System / EnGuard you will need to click on "Forgot Password" to then create a password to access your documents.  You will then use the same email and password each time to access and download your documents.
  • VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY OF YOUR LAB TESTING TO DOWNLOAD YOUR LAB REQUISITION.  The link to download documents off the secure EnGuard system is an active link for only 30 days.  We recommend you ALWAYS download your documents right away so that you can access then anytime you need.  If you try to access the link after 30 days it will not work and you will have to email us to provide you with a new link, and this may create a delay and not allow you to have your lab requisition in time for your blood draw.
  • We will send you your Final Results when they are made available by the lab.  There is nothing we can do to speed up the lab (LabCorp) to make results available faster. We have to patiently wait until LabCorp has completed their work and then we will send results to you via secure email as soon as we can.  The time needed will vary based on the testing that was ordered by you as some lab tests can take a week (maybe longer) for the lab to complete, and sometimes they have a shortage of a reagent or supplies that can add to a delay.   Again . . . we will get final results to you ASAP.
  • If you are taking your lab results to a healthcare provider for an appointment you will need to plan a potential delay from the lab in receiving your results in relation to your provider appointment.  We are on the LabCorp's timeline for results and we cannot get results to you any faster then LabCorp's normal completion of lab testing.
  • Testing ordered through specialty labs - like Genova Diagnostics, ZRT Laboratory and Doctor's Data - will be done via a test kit that will shipped directly from the lab to your home address.  Please allow at least a few business days to receive your test kit by mail from these labs.
  • Some lab tests require a 12-hour fasting for proper results.  If you are unsure we recommend you check with your healthcare provider.  If you are still unsure we recommend you simply do the 12-hour fasting to ensure proper results and to avoid the need to repeat the testing.

Understanding our Fees:

For each order you will need to pay a BLT System Processing Fee, Credit Card Transaction Fee, and LabCorp charges a $6.95 Blood Draw Fee.  If we did not charge you these as separate fees we would then need to increase the price of all lab tests.  It would be like punishing everyone by spreading the cost of all lab order transactions among everyone.  This way . . . if you order more testing you will end up paying a little more in BLT System Processing Fee and in Credit Card Transaction Fees.  We put a lot of thought into this and determined this is the most equal or fair way of offering this discount lab testing service, and allows us to keep the cost of lab tests as low as possible.

You will be charged a small BLT System Processing Fee for every lab order you place as follows:

  • This fee helps us to pay for all the operating expenses and support staff related to the BLT System and being able to offer lab testing at a much lower price.  Note that this is not the same as the Credit Card Transaction fee (described below).
  • Total cost of all lab tests ordered is $0 - $50.00 = $5.00 processing fee
  • Total cost of all lab tests ordered is $50.01 - $100.00 = $10.00 processing fee
  • Total cost of all lab tests ordered is $100.01 - $150.00 = $15.00 processing fee
  • Total cost of all lab tests is $150.01 or greater = $20.00 processing fee
You will be charged a $6.95 Blood Draw Fee as required by LabCorp for any lab testing done through LabCorp. 
  • This will appear on your transaction or invoice as a 'Shipping" fee. 
  • Please note that there are no shipping fee's when ordering testing though the BLT System, and this was the best way for us to include this required fee from LabCorp. 
  • The "Shipping " fee you'll see listed is really the $6.95 Blood Draw Fee required by LabCorp.
You will be required to pay for your own Credit Card Transaction Fee when ordering lab testing through the BLT System.
  • Note that this is new for the BLT System as this was not an included fee prior to now.
  • In order to keep the prices of our lab tests lower we simply have you pay for your own Credit Card Transaction Fee.  If we did not do this we would be required to start increasing the prices of our testing.  This way you pay the transaction fee on just the testing you order versus penalizing everybody by needing to increase the prices of all lab testing.
  • With this new BLT System lab test ordering website and all the updates and upgrades we have made we are now able to decrease the prices on over 80% of lab tests to help offset this new fee of the Credit Card Transaction Fee.
  • We are not able to (at this time) calculate the Credit Card Processing Fee based on the exact dollar amount of your lab order, so we have calculated in $50 increments to make sure all Credit Card Transaction Fees are paid for by the user as shown in this chart:

If you have other questions please contact us by email at:  [email protected] .